Which Diet is Better Medifast or Jenny Craig?

Jenny Craig or Medifast

Which diet is better: Medifast or Jenny Craig? Nowadays, manufacturers of the programs of diet plans are fighting for their clients because of the two reasons. First of all, modern people suffer from obesity and the average weight is becoming more and more, especially, in the USA. Secondly, due to this reason, the demand on the market of people who want to slim down has significantly increased. However, the questions arise: how to choose the best diet plan and which company to select? Let's figure out which of the two competitors is better Jenny Craig or Medifast together.

Medifast vs Jenny Craig

There are several similarities and differences found if we compare both the services. For example, either Jenny Craig or Medifast offer to deliver the prepackaged food to your home. The only thing you need to do is to choose the food you like and place the order. Also, these manufacturers produce such food that is considered both to be tasty by happy clients.

What is the difference between Jenny Craig and Medifast?

Even though, both the companies offer food that is prepackaged, Jenny Craig stands out in the crowd because of its possibility to have supplements. Medifast, however, provides with another good option, which is the opportunity to cook one meal of your own in a day.

Secondly, Jenny Craig provides with a chance of counseling with an expert who can visit you and motivate you regarding your weight goals. Medifast, on the contrary, does not provide with online support, which a serious disadvantage for some categories of people.

The Jenny Craig vs Medifast comparison clarifies that both these two companies can feed people with special needs. Nevertheless, there is a slight difference between them. Jenny Craig provides diet food choice for people with diabetes, hypoglycemia, and for breastfeeding moms while Medifast provides food for diabetic, vegetarian, and senior people.

If we discuss the cost of the service, we will find out that the price for Medifast is lower ($150 for 2 weeks) than for Jenny Craig ($250 for 2 weeks). Besides, Medifast does not require registration.

If we compare meal and recipe variety, the differences will also be found. You can get prepackaged meals, snacks, veggies, fruits, desserts, bars by Jenny Craig. Note that there are few options for vegetarians and gluten-free dishes. Medifast offers dinners, breakfasts, suppers, snacks, desserts, bars, shakes, smoothies, and lunches. Those who cannot tolerate gluten can use Medifast too. Besides, there are many low-fat, low-carb, diabetic-friendly, senior-friendly, and vegetarian options.

To conclude, it is complicated to answer the question of which program is better Jenny Craig or Medifast totally. It is absolutely up to you which one of the diets plans to choose because both of them provide with proper quality products according to customer's feedback. You can only select the one due to your own priorities, budget, medical conditions, etc. Anyway, the counseling with your doctor regarding the diet you want to follow is a must.

Enjoy your food and may your fat (if any) melt down as soon as possible like snow under the hot sun!:) Have a great day!

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